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Want to advertise your place but don’t know where and how to do it? Want to find a cheap platform with easy access? Just write down the name and address of your place on our website and we will add it to our new social media app through which thousands of people will have a possibility to discover your business! It is cost-free and it takes only a couple of seconds to do it. Don’t hesitate and seize the opportunity now!

Sitting in your chair and checking your smartphone you see as always the same old stuff. Mem with cat, someone added photo from the party, a friend of yours brag that she was on a gym, someone else posted a link to a boring article. “Nothing is happening” – thought you and then you came back to emotionless finger swiping through a screen more and more going into the virtual life. Again, mem with cat, one more photo of your “friend”, who you’ve met just once, photo of a friend from a gym with a subtitle “No pain no gain” and among the multitude of pointless information you discover the description of a new app, which your friend likes. Routinely you’ve started to read about it.

“Want to get away from your smarthphone or computer and go outside? Want to play board games, basketball or go shopping but your friends don’t have time nor desire to do it? That’s all right, run application Do With and thanks to 8 available categories you can choose in which activity you want to participate then you search for people who want to do the same. Without looking through all the photos, without wasting your time for unnecessary things, just choose what to do, search for people with the same desire and go out. Like in a real life, right? If you are worried that you won’t find a place that will fit your requirements, then stop. Thanks to embedded Google Maps and places proposal you’ll find anything you want. So what’re waiting for? Download and try it!” “Maybe I’ll download it, surely I have nothing to lose”

thought you and started to download the app. Registration took only a couple of seconds. You’re in. At the beginning you felt confused, but after a while you started to feel that it’s a game changer. You feel the incoming excitement that almost overwhelms you. You set the distance in which app will search for people. Time to choose category. After a moment you raise slowly your finger and press… Yeah, what you press? Write your own story with our application!